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Infections and Heart disease

 It has been proven that certain infections can cause heart disease. The currently known pathogens include Bacteroides Forsythus, Porphomonas Gingivalis (both from the mouth) nanobacteria, Chlamydia Pneumonia, H. Pylori and herpes simplex virus type 1.  Nanobacteria in particular is known to secrete calcium apatite, which can harden the arteries. 

 Dr. Deepak Bhatt of the American Heart Association, noted in his research that patients whose white blood cell counts were in the top 25 percent of all white blood cell levels tested had the same risk of death from heart disease as patients with diabetes, about a 40 percent increase in the risk of fatal heart attacks.   

In a study presented by Dr. Efthymois Deliargyris at Chapel Hill, Dr. Deliargyris said that 85 percent of his heart attack patients had severe periodontal disease as opposed to only 29 percent of the healthy volunteers. 

That alone was enough for Dr. Cohen to acquire and test out a new hygienic system for brushing our teeth.

After considerable personal use, the results were convincing enough to begin offering this interesting and effective new approach to his regular patients.

After several years, it's clear that using a disposable toothbrush is far smarter and healthier.

They're available all over the world now, and from numerous sources on the internet. You're urged to take a look at this, in hope of reducing the painfully skyrocking incidence of oral hygience challenges today, including gum disease and just plain pain and misery.

This also provides us with a growing body of evidence that specifically identifies natural methods and approaches and remedies and equipment to be more effective than a strict pharmaceutical approach to everything.



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